The Indian Chaat Potluck

Chaat is the quintessential Indian street food. Wikipedia tells me that this genre of food originated in eastern India; but I do believe majority of Indians enjoy chaat in all its glory. A little fried, a little raw, a little spicy, a little tangy and a whole lot tasty – what is not to like? My friends here in the bay area throw some truly awesome chaat potluck parties. This last weekend, we decided to celebrate the baby shower of one of us in the best way we knew – giving the expectant mother and father an Indian food potluck party!

The best thing about chaatis that its naturally mostly vegan, with the exception of the liberal use of dairy yogurt. Fortunately, the yogurt is optional and leaving it out doesnt take away from the experience one bit. In fact, many varieties of chaat dont need yogurt. As my chaat making skills leave much to be desired, I decided to stick to bringing desserts for the party.


Dsc_6301 Dsc_6315 Dsc_6302 Dsc_6309 Dsc_6326 Dsc_6333

Oops! I ran out of some frosting. But I did have something else to make the cupcake more interesting!

Dsc_6318 Dsc_6320 Dsc_6294

A very satisfied me: