2011 San Francisco Veg Fest

Despite living close by in the south bay,  I dont make the trip north to San Francisco very often. So this past weekend, I went with three other vegan foodies from the PPK forum to attend the World Veg Fest and on to a trip to Rainbow grocery. We felt like tourists, but it was so much fun.


SF World Veg Fest
The World Veg Fest was held in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco – where they had a space for presentations, a space for vendors and booths to display their products and a courtyard with more booths and a food truck.

Pondering my options at the Flacos Vegan Mexican Food Truck which was serving at the WVF:


I decide to settle down on this simply because eating from a banana leaf reminds me of home. Exciting!


My little present unwrapped. I opted for the spicy sauce which was super spicy and the tamale was fabulous!


Genuto nut based ice cream is next. Once again, I have choices!


I settle down for a combo of Choclate Cardamom, Ginger and Pistachio ($5)


This ice cream made my day. One of the vendors also gave me a sample of soy Indian masala chai, which was easily in the top-5 best chai’s I’ve ever had (I cant remember the other four).

Rainbow Grocery

Rainbow grocery is the mecca for vegan pilgrims. Dont let its unassuming storefront fool you into getting any misconceptions about the place. Its deceptively large interior stores everything from A to Z in the world of vegetarian groceries. I felt a bit silly taking all these pictures in front of all the cool San Franciscans who are lucky enough to have Rainbow as their local grocer, but its worth appearing silly to be able to blog about this place. I wish every city in the world would have a Rainbow Grocery.

More spices and teas:

Vegan baked goodies for sale (including some fancy stuff):

An entire aisle dedicated to non-dairy milk:

And non-dairy protein powders:

And non-dairy cheese:

I had a fabulous time thanks to the wonderful company of my three vegan friends.