Vegan in Bogota, Colombia

Being vegetarian in Bogota is pretty straightforward, as Happycow has 36 listings for Bogota. However, as a vegan, I had a few accidents where I ended up with a bit of cream or cheese on my plate as I didnt make myself very clear in Spanish or forgot something from the list of things I cannot eat. But on the whole, since we didnt stay very long in Bogota, we got to check out only two restaurants there, both of which very good.

Boulevard Sesamo

Av. Jiminez 4-64 (at Carrera 3, in downtown near Museo Del Oro, Cudinamarca)

They are only open for lunch and have plenty of set lunch options. I tried the vegano burger and Swami tried the set lunch plate with rice and veggies and proteins and it comes with a free salad bar and a cup of juice with water. I think you can only use the salad bar once (not unlimited, but maybe I understood it wrong). They have a little store where they sell essentials like seitan, veggie burgers, soy milk etc.

A very hearty bowl of soup for Swami’s ejecutivo (executive)┬álunch


My vegan burger. Even though it said “hamburgesa vegano”, it came with what looked like cheese. Luckily, Swami ate the cheese.


Swami’s executive lunch plate, which looked and tasted a lot better than mine. Very balanced.


The restaurant which we randomly spotted while walking down the road:


This seemed customary, providing a banana with some jelly like thing:


El Loto Azul

Carrera 5A N. 14-02 (at near La Candelaria historic district, Cudinamarca)

El Loto Azul is an establishment run by Hare Krishna devotees, so eggs are out of the menu. Be a little careful about the milk though, as its ever present as in most Indian dishes. But the service is really friendly and the food is excellent. They also have a tiny store selling veggie essentials.

A fresh salad from the salad bar with a mint-cilantro dressing:


Vegetable soup with maize flour:


Set lunch plate with garbanzo beans, greens, rice and bread:


Another type of plate with coconut rice, avocado and friend plantain


Fresh soy milk!


We both loved this soup, it was really hearty and filled with vegetables and tasty to boot.


El Loto Azul from outside:


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