I am Niru and I live in the San Francisco bay area. I enjoy following a vegan lifestyle and traveling. I spent four months in South America in 2012 and ate a lot of vegan food there and wrote about my vegan eats here. I continue to travel and try to find vegan food everywhere.

UPDATE: With an 18 month old toddler, our little family is on a travel hiatus. My daily routine now consists of cooking and packing my toddler her lunch box to take to daycare (she likes a proper meal!) and also her dinner in the evening. In addition to this, I also pack my own lunch to work everyday. As I am trying to lose a lot of pregnancy weight (yes, still!!) my focus is on eating more protein and fewer refined carbs and refined sugars.

While I am the only vegan in the family (the rest eat vegetarian at home and the kid eats yogurt and some cheese/eggs), I do all the cooking, so the family eats mostly vegan anyway.

Why did I become vegan? I read a book called Why Our Food Choices Matter by ethicist Peter Singer and it changed the way on how I think about what we put into our mouths. I was convinced about the benefits of the vegan lifestyle even before that, but reading this book made my transition much easier.

Am I a hard core vegan? I dont like labeling myself as a 100% vegan and proclaim that I’ve stuck to it religiously. I almost always eat simple, non processed, uncomplicated foods at home and its always vegan. When I go out, I take care to order a vegan version (remove the cheese, butter etc.) but if a plate lands up with a dab of butter on it, I wont send it back. Instead I’ll be careful to mention it the next time.