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Vegan South Indian Tomato Rice

Its November and the month of Veganmofo! Veganmofo’s schedule of posting all days of November is far too hectic for me to aspire to, but it is such a fun event that I cant stop myself from putting my name on the list. So that’s what I did this time too.

I totally enjoy looking at all the amazing food pics vegans around the world are posting; flooding the webs with amazing vegan chow. Usually I notice a lack of South Indian food on veganmofo and my goal is to bring that balance.

Today’s dinner was South Indian tomato rice and kale daal. My two year old, bless her heart, has taken after me in her love for all-things-tomatoes. I used a can of diced tomatoes and cooked it down with all the usual seasonings – mustard, cumin, urad (black gram), and channa dal.

South Indian Vegan Tomato Rice

South Indian Vegan Tomato Rice